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Indigenous innovations of helmets on roads of Delhi

17, Oct 2014 By khakshar

Delhi reported an incidence of a special use of Safety Helmet on Lodhi Road. It was in the offing say the Safety Experts . With Delhi Police enforcing Helmets for Ladies ,the innovation was bound to occur.The incidence confirms that the Helmet can be used as a shield and a weapon as well. All Delhi Traffic Police personnel have been advised to wear Counter-Helmets to safeguard from blows of Helmet.

Helmet as a Savior of Opressed

Many Feminists on Prowl are excited with the new use of Helmet. Readers must not confuse these  “Feminists on Prowl” as the ones on Social Media. The dangers are far near than expected aka ISIS.

It is also learnt that  some of the oppressed have been using the Crash Helmet silently to effective use. In many homes the Helmet is kept near the shoe stand by the male members.A study reports that there is a fair chance that it’s a coy to hide the Liquid Treasure. Many of the oppressed have also started  wearing the Helmet at home in fear of flying objects emanating from kitchens across Delhi.

Another innovative use of the Crash Helmet seen near vegetable vendors is  Indigenous. With Prices of Vegetables almost stabilizing at Sky Rocket ,Helmets can be turned upside down to collect the valuables. It also reduces use of Polythene bags. The vendor’s association has agreed to give a rebate  of some Green Chilly for Helmet Users.

Of Course the students have been  using the Helmets for some time now to get away from Lenders and House Owners. Their Helmets is used only when are seen walking in a Galli or Mohallah and not on road.

Last seen a Lady arguing with Traffic Police for spoiling her hairdo at “Valentia” by asking for verification of her Photograph on Driving Licence.