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India's image among onsite techies and NRIs fluctuates with rupee-dollar rate, Modi finds

11, May 2015 By dasu

During his visits to US, Canada and Europe, Modiji got a chance to meet many techies settled abroad. His intention was to know when our Indian companies are doing such cutting edge technology work, torrent is working fine to download latest Hollywood blockbusters for free, net neutrality still intact in India, what motivates these techies to settle abroad.

Being a frank person, Modiji started asking questions like Arnab asks in his franklyspeaking program. As usual most of the techies complained about pollution, corruption, traffic jam in India.

Image of India reflects in these

Modiji’s team, which has a few smart persons, observed the techies have downloaded apps to know the real time movement of rupee against dollar. During the chat most of them were checking the live update of rupee movement and some of them were tracking sites like, to look for suitable investment options. As the rupee was falling more and more, their faces were glowing proportionately.

As Modiji talked about Make in India and about his plans to bring back rupee value to Sarfaraz Khan (RCB) age level (in terms of value in relation to US dollar) from Arun Jaitley’s age level, a sense of gloom descended in the room. Many techies whispered among themselves, if that happens they may prefer to pack their bags, upload their latest status in FB “soon coming back to India forever”.

It was incomprehensible for Modiji to understand just by bringing the US dollar value to 20 rupees, how this solves the perception about all the major problems India is facing. Immediately after coming back to India, Modiji immediately formed a high level committee to find out the correlation between pollution, corruption, traffic jam with rupee value.

One of the techie Manu Desai who attended the conclave with Modiji spoke to our fakingnews reporter on the condition of anonymity.

Mr. Desai told us, “Do you think I am enjoying my stay here abroad. I cannot afford a maid, they are so costly in that money in India you can buy IPL players like Parthiv Patel. Thanks to my mother other than boiling water I did not know anything about cooking. By following Sanjeev Kapoor show, I learnt how to make boiled potato, boiled dal. As soon as I post pictures of them in FB, immediately five of my colleagues staying here post comments, we are coming over the weekend to taste these yummy dishes!”

Mr. Desai added further, “Here I am doing everything on my own so that I save some dollars. I was thinking when rupee value will hit respected Advaniji’s age, here they are talking about Sarfaraz Khan’s age. If that happens why I will sacrifice everything here to have a better tomorrow in India (kya pata kal ho na ho).”

Mr. Desai stopped the interview by saying he does not want to waste much time as he has to do lot of household work in the weekends. In addition he wants to check quickly if there are any good discounts going on for Air India.