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Indian "wannabe writers" preparing hard to crack CAT, research finds

07, Jun 2015 By albelachora

Indian students, who wants to be writers, studying psychology, finding quantitative aptitude section of CAT quite tough to crack.

A final year psychology student, Murli Mhatre, from Mumbai, shares his story with our reporter, Talli Ayer, “I wont be having much problem in verbal section of CAT, but quant is too tough for me. I am trying hard, to get at least into a new IIM. An IIM tag will help me grab the publishers.”

Murli’s friend, Bansi, who is studying in an NIT, and also wants to be a writer, shared his story with our reporter, “I always wanted to be a writer, that’s why I choose Engineering, and tried to crack JEE. Yes, I was unable to crack JEE, but I got an NIT at least. Now I am preparing for CAT, so that I could get into a good IIM, and then I can start my writing.”

Bansi was criticising Murli, Bansi told our reporter, “Murli was not having a clear vision, he was not 100% sure about becoming a writer, that’s why he choose psychology. I was always having a clear vision, that’s why I choose Engineering. To be a successful writer, one should be an IIT(or atleast an NIT) + IIM graduate”

Our reporter is waiting for Murli’s response.