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An Indian student in the US who did not Instagram a picture of 4th of July fireworks is now losing followers

06, Jul 2017 By Sweta Ramdas

Yesterday, 4th July was the American Independence Day. A beloved holiday for Americans, and if Hollywood movies and sitcoms are to be believed, they spend it by making a barbecue and bursting fireworks.

Really sad
Really sad

Aarav Khandelwal, an Indian student who moved to the US last year is pursuing Masters degree in Engineering at the prestigious Princeton University. Aarav and his family are proud of his accomplishment of getting through to an Ivy League university.

Aarav is known to be active on social media where he publishes all about his new experiences of living in the USA. He posts about football and the various teams in the NFL although he has no idea about American football and learnt all that he knows by watching videos titled “American Football for dummies”. He even refers to his favourite club “Manchester United” as a soccer team now that he is transitioning into an American.

Since the beginning of his school year last fall (yes fall, not Autumn) Aarav has religiously posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr about the amazing campus of Princeton, Thanksgiving (although he has no idea why it is celebrated), Christmas and of course the Boxing Day Sale where he bought himself an iPhone because why not.

Which is why it was very shocking to see that Aarav did not post any pictures of the legendary 4th of July fireworks. His friends on campus have started unfollowing him as it is unAmerican to not post about the fireworks. His friends back home are furious that he compared the celebration to Diwali. The only person happy is Aarav’s grandfather who is proud of Aarav’s ‘sanskari-ness’.

Our news desk hopes Aarav can bounce back from this and regain his followers by posting something about Donald Trump!