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Indian origin Bihari boy scores 762 in IQ test

03, Jul 2017 By MrIndia

Patna, July 3, 2017: A 12 year old Bihari boy stunned the world during the weekend, by scoring 762 in the Mensa IQ test. This is more than the total scored by Albert Einstein (142), Stephen Hawking (140), Arnav Sharma (162), Arvind Kejriwal (58), Arun Jaitley (34), Rahul Gandhi (19) and all AIADMK MLAs put together (3).

The boy prodigy name is Piyush Yadav. He came first in 10th, 11th and 12th examination in the same year, even though he is in class 7.

Our NDTV Special reporter interviewed the topper.

“Congratulations, Piyush!”

You need an IQ for such tricks
You need an IQ for such tricks

“Koyi baat nahin!”

“Apke Pitaji kya karte hain?”

“Pappu Yadav? Woh exam board mein kaam karte hain”

“Hamare Pradhan Mantri Kaun hai?”

“Lalu Prasad Yadav!”

Rashtriya Janata Dal Party praised the boy, “He is capable of seeing the future!”

AAP demanded that all exam hall windows must be closed from now on, to avoid parents impostering their kids.

CBSE board announced “there will be no exams, henceforth. Every student will be given 100% grace marks and 220 in IQ! Those who are unhappy with it can apply for revaluation!” Congress claimed their MLAs are better “All our Karnataka MLAs are PUC failed! In spite of that, they won elections! That makes them smarter than Einstein!”

BJP’s Rajnath questioned the results “The boy must produce a computerized laser printed BA and MA degree certificates from 1958 like PM Modi did! Otherwise, it might be fake like Smriti Irani’s degree!” Tax minister Arun Jaitley declared “18% GST on hall tickets, and 28% if the hall tickets carry answers to exam questions. Also, hall tickets will soon be replaced by Aadhaar tickets.”

Amit Shah declared Victory “during the three hour IQ exam muslim teenage boy lynchings are down from 34 per hour to 33.3 per hour! Therefore, it is BJP’s grand success!” BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu demanded “all future IQ exams in London must be set in Hindi.”

PM Modi said “We must observe what Indian students do in England. Therefore, I am heading to America at once directly from Israel! Also, Donald Trump has femme fingers!”