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Indian National Hockey team has something to rejoice after all

16, Sep 2012 By varun

After the debacle at London Olympics, the Indian national hockey team is back in India. The team after landing in Mumbai were received by their families and hordes of travel agents and taxi drivers, who were expecting the Indian outfit to arrive early. Our Faking News reporter caught up with the Indian captain and a few other players. When asked the question about the future of the players, the captain replied, “Our team has been displaying a lacklustre performance for a while now but that will not deter our future. We players have found out a way.” He gleefully said,” I, myself, have opened up a sports store in my hometown. We supply hockey sticks and other accessories related to the sport. The bulk of hockey sticks are purchased by gangsters, hoodlums, mobs and recovery agents who see it more as a weapon. Just now I got an offer of 500 hockey sticks from a rioting mob. So you see, business is booming.”

Another senior player from the team had different thoughts, “Considering my experience, I want to be a board member of the organizing committee for Hockey India. That will surely guarantee me 10 more years of financial security and free trips around the world.”

And what about the national hockey team?

Apparently the sponsors are highly disappointed by their dismal performance. From sources, it is suggested that a top 2 wheeler company, which has been supporting the team for a time now (remember ‘Phir dil do Hockey ko’), is going to disassociate itself and form a new alliance with medal winning sports like Shooting and wrestling. Even the likes of Mannapuram Gold Finance, that was initially optimistic about India’s gold chances, has dropped its plans to invest in the team. G V Reddy, CEO of Mannapuram says,” Our tagline is ‘Jab ghar me pada hai Sona tab kahe ko rona’. So, if we sponsor such a team it will be very ironic.”

But there is no need to worry as yet. Just as in a Hindi movie, there is always a happy ending, so is the same case here. The Hockey India Federation said in a statement,” If there are no sponsors, so be it. We are going to rent out all our stadiums and grounds to the public for organizing functions, parties and any andolans. Also Dusshera is coming, so Ramlila groups are showing interest in performing on our fields, like they always have.”

Whatever the results pan out, whatever the circumstances they face, whatever the difficulties stare at them, our team always gives a spirited fight…..err… least off the field.