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Indian IT engineers apply for Devyani maid's vacancy

21, Dec 2013 By annanymous

After learning that Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade paid her maid Rs 30k(in-hand) every month and also gifted her an iPad, IT Engineers across the country are trying to apply for the spot now left vacant.

Us ke
Anything for a job in US.

Calling their present treatment by software firms as “deplorable” Manoharan Swamy said “Our current salary is unable to cope with the rising costs. We will have to save for 5 months to watch Dhoom 3. This is Uday Chopra’s last film and we really wanted to watch it”

Software Engineers are also willing to risk being strip searched as long as it is done by a lady officer said a techie from Pune. Every engineering campus is abuzz with the new job prospect and are pulling all strings for a campus interview.

Unperturbed by the unusual skill-set demanded for the job, Vikas, a Techie from Bangalore said “We are Engineers. We can practically coach ourselves on anything under the sun. Moreover, since all eateries shut in the city post 9:30 PM, I have learn to cooke and feed myself often”

The arrest of the Indian diplomat on charges of underpaying her maid definitely seemed to have offended Indian IT Engineers and they stand united in their demand for an apology from the US govt.