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Indian Institute Of Anti Corruption to be launched

14, Jan 2013 By pankajjakhar

In the recent mad rush to set up more and more institutes of national importance (IIT ,IIM etc) and to counter attack Aam Admi party Mr. DiG Vijay sing has suggested establishment of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ANTI CORRUPTION. This is turning point in history of Indian Democracy (don’t ask how and why) as per him.

Manish tiwari mooted it as brain child of Mr.Raul Gandhi in his latest strict action (as they usually speak after brutal attack on Indian soldiers in J&K  kade shabdo mein ninda) against rising corruption and threats by communal forces.

And as expected in cabinet meeting this bill was passed for establishment of IIaC, and naming it RAJIV GANDHI IIaC. This will serve as guiding principle for all future bureaucratic and politicians. Sonia Gandhi has hailed this as action by Congress and donated congress headquarter land for setup of this institution.

More details as expeted to come soon officially but our pagal patrakar got some inside news.

Location – Congress headquarter

Director – Suresh Kalmadi

Registrar – Madhu Koda

Departments will be named as:

Sukh Ram Center for Animals and Forestery

Robert Vadra Center for Excellence in Finance

Bangaru Laxman Center for Safety and Security

Adbul Karim Telgi Center for Fraund