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Indian govt issues a lookout notice against who watched ‘Humshakals’

28, Jun 2014 By pankaj409

Today Indian government decided to issue a lookout notice to all the people who have watched the “Humshakals” movie in theaters.

The government version is, these are the potential suspects of the tax evading and depositing the money to Swiss bank.  The newly formed SIT has taken this issue seriously and prepared the list of these elite people based on the input of the IB.


Addressing the press, the SIT chief answered the questions why these people are the prime suspects. He told that as per information shared between Indian government and Swiss government, in first three days after the Friday (the date movie was released), around 25 crore rupees were withdrawn from the different Indian owned Swiss accounts which is almost equal to the money earned in first three days by this movie. This strongly indicates the SIT theory is almost correct.

Indian government shared the list of people who all have watched the movie  and waiting for the information from the Swiss government for the positive nod.

Now we have to see whether Indian government will be successful to prove that these prime suspects are the real black money holder or not. Wait & watch for next step of Indian government.