Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Indian diplomat not untouchable; India confused

19, Dec 2013 By Mahatma Gyaani Ji

The arrest of an Indian diplomat has left many confused. One MEA officer who refused to identify himself gave the statement, “What use is diplomatic immunity if one cannot abuse it?”

When told that Devyani’s immunity status itself is being questioned. The officer started laughing and after some difficulty managed to muster, “Anyone remotely connected to someone working in the govt service enjoys immunity. Once my son; Rohit Shetty was apprehended for crashing into a street side vegetable vendor, the damages were over few lakhs (the vendor was selling onions), the situation was only diffused when my wife Shilpa stepped in and told the police authority what rank papa Sunil held in the govt office”.

The incident invoked reaction not only from those who knew about the incident but from politicians as well. One minority party leader even declared, “Devyani Di is being targeted for being one of us, people in USA can not tolerate seeing a SC rise to such high rank. They do not know the hardship and suffering Di went through, they do not know how hard it was for Di’s father to raise her on the modest salary of an IAS officer”.

One party member even promised reservation quota in “sanyukt rajya of Aamreeka” if his party came in power. When one journalist pointed out that this was not possible, one of Mannu Bhai’s henchman replied whether he would settle for handicap quota instead.

With elections fast approaching, politics veteran and youth icon, Rahul Gandhi did not shy away from giving a statement, “This is wrong, we will not keep quite. We will drag them court, they will have to answer to all the indians. Jawaab dena padega unko! AAP KI ADAALAT MEH!”. Rahul was quickly taken off the stage, when mummy Italy noticed Kejriwal smirking in the corner of the rally. Kejriwal who had just recently given a stunning performance was busy photobombing other parties’ functions. “We will deal with the problem in a least corrupt way.”

Arvind was interrupted by an angry Rahul. After few heated exchange Kejriwal decided to leave but only after taking a selfie with Rahul. “We are with them and willing to give them our unconditional support and the selfie was a token of goodwill.”

Unsatisfied with Rahul’s response Arnab Goswami began shouting “The nation wants to know why?”. The crowd unable to hear what was being said over the loudspeaker complained to one party worker, who in turn politely asked Arnab to leave. “ Ek minute.. Ek minute… ONE MINUTE!.. The nation wants to know why?”