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Indian dance step declared the best by UN

09, Jul 2014 By @aceankit
In what seems to be yet another ostrich-feather in the skull-less cap of the famous FB page ‘Eff-U Logic’ (Enlightened Facebook Fans’ Universal Logic), its members have today informed the world, including the United Nations, that “UN” — having previously given up on running all irrelevant errands like dealing with world peace, health and poverty in favor of establishing the more important fact that the Indian National Anthem was the best in the world — has now declared that the best dance move in the history of mankind was performed by an Indian.
“This,” exclaimed the admin of the Eff-U page “Again proves that India is the greatest country in the world and that India invented dance. I all are prouds to bee the Indians.”
On being asked for details, Eff-U said “It was a tough competition with entries like MJ’s Moonwalk and Shakira’s hip-shake, but Farhan Akhtar’s Hawan karengey beat all of them in the end to become the greatest dance step ever. It’s a very proud moment for all the true Indians. 1 like = 1 Respect. Padhte hi share karein.”
The “Tajo mahalaya fan page” liked the update and the admin has now quoted the Eff-U admin, claiming that, “this announcement proves that Neil Armstrong’s famous ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ was actually in reference to this Indian dance-step poster (of the Indian-origin inventor of dance) which he had seen on the moon the moment he had taken that historic first step. This obviously proves that the NASA moon landing was actually a mission to remove the poster that Indians had already put on the moon in the 1st century. And this but naturally proves that the moon was actually an Indian dance practice club built by a Hindu king, and not some natural satellite as claimed by the western world scientists.”
” वाट द फक|” @UNHindi tweeted in response to this declaration before deactivating the account, looking up at the skies and jumping off a cliff.
“This proves that Neil Armstrong is a true Hindu,” tweeted Subramaniyan Swami.
“Lol. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is funny,” replied @CIAin response to Swami’s tweet.