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Indian cricket fan cuts his wrist to check if he'd bleed blue; gets admitted to ICU soon after

27, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai, India:  In what seems to be one of the most horrifying incidents of recent times, a teenage cricket fan from Mumbai cut his wrist to check if he would indeed bleed blue. This incident takes us back to the timeless thought that stupidity has no limits and can happen to anyone at anytime just like projection of love in Bollywood movies.

Pankaj thinks Virat Kohli has blue blood.
Pankaj thinks Virat Kohli has blue blood.

Pankaj, a class IX student studying at an eminent boarding school in Mumbai and a huge fan of cricket like most, of his age, allegedly cut his wrist with a sharpening blade expecting to bleed blue. His friends were in shock as they said Pankaj had topped in biology in recent tests, had a complete understanding of blood composition and there was no reason why he’d do this. Sources say he played his cricket peacefully during the weekends until he saw “bleed blue” advertisements of popular sporting brands on television during TV time, causing him to experience hallucinations of blue blood and almost convincing him that national level cricketers, indeed, have blue blood.

Our reporters spoke to the Pankaj’s parents who appeared quite sad with this incident and waiting for their son’s discharge from Lilavati Hospital. They said, “How much ever we try and instill values and knowledge in our future generation, senseless advertisements on television seem to be successful in creating a gap between glitter and reality. Making children write ‘All that glitters is not gold’ one hundred times without explaining its meaning is convincing these children into believing ‘All that bleeds is perhaps blue’.”

For some, human stupidity appears to be on the heavier side of this imbalance while for others, it is the meaningless advertisements.