Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Indian Airforce allots dedicated crash strips near airbases for Sukhois & MIGs to crash safely

09, Jun 2017 By electroman
First successful crash trip
First successful and safe crash trip

Our Indian Air Force has announced that they will be building dedicated crash strips near the air base runways for our Sukhoi and MIG aircrafts to crash safely. This announcement has come after the tiresome search efforts to locate the missing aircrafts. So instead of buying new planes or improving the safety standards, they came up with a cost effective method. Build crash pads near landing pads.

This will help the pilot to safely crash the plane in a known location. Usually they crash in Bikaner on top of huts, but this will be far more easier and can be held as a secret from the public. That way less embarrassment in front of pakistan and China. Some sources also told most of our jets are equipped to only launch from air bases and no landing controls are working. This looks like a North Korea like situation.

Air force has also asked the defense contractors to build pilotless aircrafts which can crash without killing the pilots. But top brass officials who make money in coffin contracts were against this move. Meanwhile stand-in defense minister Arun Jaitley has announced that he will tax the pilots with a crash cess if they survive the accident to recover the cost of the aircraft.