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India wins a test at Lord's, GDP estimated at 15%

21, Jul 2014 By mrbhat

The central Government has announced that after the Indian test team win at the Lord’s, India’s this year growth is estimated at 15%. This was announced by the finance minister today in Rajyasabha.

The minister was answering a question  related to the GDP growth and said that after the historic win, the mood in Indian cricket circle is euphoric and that the country’s growth is estimated to be more than 15%.

Shocked and elated both, this reporter tried getting more detail from the minister himself outside, minister’s PA was heard saying, “Anyways, nobody knows how GDP is arrived at. Cricket fans are euphoric, people are suddenly feeling good about everything. What’s the problem if GDP is now calculated out of cricket mood in the country? After all, government is for the people and by the people bhai”. Minister seemed agreeing to what his PA said and moved on smiling.

The sources close to minister later said that the minister was misquoted by the media and clarified, “the finance minister is closely related to the cricket boards. He meant BCCI growth and not that of India’s growth.”

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