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India will soon have maximum rich people in the world

13, Jul 2014 By AdityaSachan

As per the new Rangarajan Report, to be poor in India needs to spend less than 47 rupees per day in urban and less than 32 rupees per day in rural areas. The report is based on the philosophy given by Rahul Gandhi, ‘Poverty is a state of mind’.

While some critics ask, how they reached to this accurate number which is impossible even for a 5th class student to calculate! The officials got furious on doubting their capability to understand poverty. And bought a burger for just 25 rupees to prove their fact. They said, “if we can eat at 25 rupees, why cant poor earning more than 47 rupees a day”?

On interviewing, Shamu, a beggar in Delhi, he says, “This report is a great encouragement for me. I earn and spend 58 rupees everyday and now i don’t feel poor at all! Though i don’t have a place to sleep, and can’t eat twice a day. But again i am not poor and its just state of my malnourished brain”.

The officials said, in next report they will prove that any person in urban India needs to earn only 50 rupees a day to have a great life. Also they are planning to change the name of report from ‘Poverty Report’ to ‘Richness starts from here Report’ as it will have more positive effect and also will not cause any controversy.

On asking officals how this report is different from previous Tendulkar report, which said that poor needs only 33 rupees in urban and 27 rupees in rural India for a day. They clarified, “we both followed the same philosophy given by Rahul Gandhi , but the difference is that we considered for burger with cheese so we raised poverty line a little. But next time it won’t happen, as till then all will be fat with all the cheese they ate.”

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