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India voted against Israel in UN resolution to enable cheaper construction of underground metro rail projects

27, Jul 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: United Nations last week brought a resolution condemning Israel for its full scale massacre of the innocent Palestinians in the Gaza strip. Many of the countries voted appreciating this resolution, USA voted against it and several other member nations abstained from voting.

Of the countries that voted for the resolution, India was one of them. This came as surprise for many of the Right Wing twitterati in India, as they were staunchly rooting for Israel in this cleansing of innocent Palestinian children and women, which highlighted their bigoted mindset. Many of the Internet Hindus and members of Hindu Defense League started abusing their own heroes, Bharatiya Janata Party. One such Right Wing Internet Hindu Polariser tweeted about ‘how he will vote to Congress, just because Modi is doing the same appeasement policies as UPA did’.

None of the news channels, which were on the heels of the ruling NDA for not allowing to pass resolution on Gaza crisis, praised the Modi government for supporting Palestine. Infact, they were confused by this sudden U-turn by the BJP in its foreign policy. Burkha Dutt, lamented, “We thought of painting Modi and his BJP with anti-Muslim color, as we were confident of India supporting Israel in the recent past. But this is .. this is a shocker.”

It was a known fact in India that Israel is a good friend and many had firmly believed that India will vote supporting Israel.

Even after repeated mails and missed calls to the External Affairs ministry, we did not get proper response. Our Faking News reporter somehow got in touch with one person in that ministry, who was ready to reveal about the sudden change in India’s stance in Israel-Palestine conflict.

On conditions of anonymity, she said, “Listen! We thought of supporting Israel in that resolution or abstain while voting. But, when we met some Palestinian leaders, they spoke of how they constructed tunnels from Gaza strip to Egypt and Israel. They even presented us with data of how they use aid material and money they receive from sympathetic nations into making concrete for building their tunnels, rather than building safe shelters. They boasted of using children to build those tunnels, which is more cheap labour than migrant workers within India. We, in India, had spent a lot of rupees in digging underground metro rail network in large metropolitan cities and we also need to expand our railway across mountainous areas in the north. So, the External Affairs ministry made a deal with Palestinians, that, if India voted in favor of Palestine, then the Palestine will send many of its tunnel diggers to India, to dig tunnels at lower cost. This is also more like Foreign Direct Investment.”

There were also talks about opening KFC in the Underground tunnels across India.

She continued, “If you could see, in next four years, you can see too many tunnels running across Indian underground, which will be dug by our Palestinian friends. If they could dig thousands of tunnels in that tiny land, then imagine.They had agreed to enable digging of tunnels in more cheaper method than using imported machineries that cost in millions. Speaking in financial terms, our tunnels will be constructed in a cost less than holes made for borewell. Achche din ab aayega. In case of traffic problems that we face in major cities like Delhi and Bengaluru, our government are now in idea of building tunnels below roads to let two wheelers go in that. If we had voted for Israel, what would we have gained?”