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India TV hires Baa as news anchor to boost TRP, Arnab anxious

22, Sep 2014 By Siddhesh J

In what seems like a dramatic overhaul of strategy, India TV network roots in Baa from Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as a news anchor  to revive the channels TRP. “We are loosing our TRP to Arnabs shows and the likes of gossip churning Punya Prasun-Kejriwal leaks. By Bringing in Baa as a news reporter, we hope that she brings the same luck to our channel as she brought to the Star network,” said the management.


“This will be a new challenge for me. I have told India TV that if they would give multiple slo-mo flashes and capture each reactions, and if they could somehow put a date that is 15 years from now, the channel would be a hit. This is what Ekta did to Star plus and it worked!” claims the joyous Baa who is happy to be back in business.

Reports say that with Baa, they would have the whole Virani Khandan back on TV and assign various anchor roles to each. “Smriti already has an office in Delhi, it would be easy to interview her. If we could add romantic flashback of KSBKBT and the customary thali-giraana from the show, I would do justice to the position of news reporter from Delhi,” claimed 2 Mihir Viranis from the series.

Taran Adarsh and KRK both have given 5 stars to India TV’s move and suggest that the new blend of news and K-Series actors would bring back the old shiny days of India TV. It all depends on when do we get to watch it.

“My family always loved the Viranis and it will be a treat to watch the news when they anchor and report it, that way I wouldn’t be pressured down to marry and settle down,” claimed 25 year old Pushraj from Nagpur.