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India to host Bangladesh for the Pakistan tour of India

16, Sep 2012 By dumb doc

The much awaited cricket series between the two traditional arch-rivals, India and Pakistan seems to be heading towards another major controversy. The “short series” between India and Pakistan comprising of three ODIs and two Twenty20 internationals was planned to be played in India and was slotted in December and January during the Christmas break this year. A latest report received by the Faking News though has confirmed that the sports ministry of India has actually sent the invitation for Pakistan’s tour of India to Bangladesh, instead of the Pakistani cricket team. Faking News spoke to Mustafa Kamal, President of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and he has indeed acknowledged the said invitation. He has hailed the move to invite the Bangladesh cricket team to play India for the Pakistan’s tour of India. “v’ll fulfil r dream f lifting crckt wld cup 1 dy if india keep fixin matches 4 us lik ths ;-)”, he later texted us. Mr. N. Srinivasan, president of the BCCI (Bull Dog of Cricket and Controversies in India) has denied of any wrongdoing on his part and informed that the complete itinerary of the Indo-Pak series was duly forwarded to the sports ministry. “I and MS (Dhoni) sat down and brainstormed for 5 hours just to finalise the schedule for the Indo-Pak series. We even rescheduled a few matches so that MS could spend quality time with Sh. Ravindra Jadeja ji on his birthday which falls around that time”, he said. Meanwhile a storm seems to have been brewing at the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) headquarters in Lahore ever since the news reached their desk. Zaka Ashraf, chairman of the PCB was visibly miffed at being snubbed once again by India. “They have once again put the kibosh on our plans to sneak in a few terrorists along with the players promote peace and harmony between the two nations via cricket. We had in fact, already hired 2 English tutors to improve the communication skills of our players so that they don’t make a mockery of themselves at the presentation ceremony again. Now who will pay for their fees when our board is already in a massive debt?” he said. We spoke to the sports ministry officials to check whether this move was a tactical one or just another faux pas. Mr. Ajay Maken, the minister of sports spoke to our correspondent,” Be it Pakistan or Bangladesh, how does it matter at all? Khans, Ahmads and Mohammads, they are all one and the same! Shiv Sena and Mamta di, they all are happy. What else does the nation want?!” Upon further probing we could gather some vital clues which could point towards a plausible reason for such a baffling move by the sports ministry. “Well, actually President Pratibha Patil’s granddaughter got a snub from the Pakistani President’s daughter while playing Farmville on Facebook. The Pakistani premier’s daughter sent all her gifts to the US president’s daughter instead of her Indian counterpart, as was previously agreed between the two, and reduced her to tears. It was then that a high-level meeting was called by madam President in which they decided to take some strong measures and suspend all sporting ties with Pakistan. She really had a hard time pacifying the little kid”, said a ministry official on the condition of anonymity. Virat Kohli, the talented Indian batsman was quite furious with the whole development when he heard the news. “B*******! M********! Too bad the Pakistanis are not playing… hamari team unki g*** mar leti. Guess their mothers and sisters will have to wait then (for the cricketing entertainment)”, he said in a berated breath. The cricket crazy fans in the country though seemed all happy about the move. “It’s a great decision! By selecting himself to play against the mighty Bangladesh, Sachin can now help himself to another milestone – his 50th ODI hundred. This will surely get the monkey off his back and enable him to play freely thereafter”, said Sulabh Gavaskar, a die-hard Tendulkar fan.