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India N my love!!

21, Feb 2013 By badtothebone

Today i am writing about INDIA my ancestor land , actually this is a short story I am sharing about me and one of my childhood girlfriend {she was a girl and my friend that’s it,nothing more} her name was anita, her father was a filthy rich businessman ,we used to play,study and do every possible decent things together..her family was very advance in every way..right from our childhood her father used to say that he will send her daughter to US one day for higher studies. he he i was so dumb that time that i thought he meant that he will send her to “us” {my family} one day..

After completion of my engineering i was ready to grab any job for some money.But on the other hand anitas father had other plans for her beloved daughter.He wants to send her to US {not to us but to Uncle Sam} and at that time i realized i am going to loose my best friend forever..because my family was not so rich and my father don’t had LOVE AMERICA SYNDROME..In fact he was desh bhakt kind person..So i knew I’ll never ever see her again as her father will settle her daughter with some rich angrej there for sure.

Finally after millions and trillions of depressing thoughts i decided to talk to Mr Gulati {her father}I remember that was a fine sunny day ,sky was clear like my brain during exams..

Hello sir ..

hi aseem..

how r u my child??

i am fine r u?

good good..Sit

i was so nervous that time like how to tell one stubborn old fellow that don’t send Ur daughter to foreign..I started the conversation..sir i got to know that u r sending anita to STATES.why sir she can continue her studies here too..i mean there are so many good universities and colleges in INDIA where she can study.ohhhhhhh my god what r u saying aseem{He almost jumped from his place like i have set him on fire} how can u compare studies in India from THE US ?? i said, sir i mean it, there is so much out here whats so special in America that u cannot find here in our motherland{i felt so proud that moment,god knows why}

What aseem?? Corruption?? rotten politics ?? bad climate?? so much crime??

{ realty check for me, he was right somewhere }

but sir all the problems u mentioned is not an issue of INDIA only, even America has severe crime rate ,and bad climate is not govt. fault,even rotten politics is a result of our misjudgement of electing candidates {on caste basis,gundagardi basis,and sometimes for some cash and liquor also we elect anti social elements as our leaders}

ok ok agreed what about studies??here i don’t think level of studies increased since independence..and look Indian people don’t know how to behave and talk in English {wicked smile flaunted on his face}

{i was so pissed off that moment..i wonder his daughter name was “ita” actually and due to an English bug {read kida} he thought of putting a vowel before her name to make it “an” ita }

Sir our maternal language is Hindi ..

SO??{he roared}

nothing sir

just think of it sir here she can be with all her friends{including me}

she can make friends there also{he replied}

ya but sir she will miss India i am sure

why? what will she miss ..long frustrating queues in every possible ticket counter ??? nonsense traffic everywhere??? policemen asking bribe??? Man pissing on walls???

No sir she will miss love in relations,she will miss unity in diversity that India has {I had no idea what bullshit I was talking to convince that old fellow}

Oh common aseem don’t be so ridiculous after all she will get a good job there after completion of her higher studies.

And after one hour of detailed one way conversation I surrendered finally..

After almost 8 years I think sometimes he was right to send her daughter abroad,I mean its not like I started hating my motherland {ancestor land to be precise} in all these years but then nothing changed in India after all still policemen asking for bribe,man pissing in ltrs as they felt their birth right to do so.,traffic is nothing but a trailer of hell..

But somewhere deep inside my heart I love d way ppl are here ekdam bindas!! No matter I lost “an” ita I still love my country..