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India leads the world in modern philosophy: 'Sickularism' and 'Adarshvadi Liberalism'

04, Aug 2015 By chauhanrohi

The World Congress of Philosophy, has declared ‘Sickularism’ and ‘Adarshvadi Liberalism’ , philosophical concepts developed by India based philosophers known as Adarsh Liberals, a group of seculars and liberals in India, as the biggest philosophical inventions of 21 st century. Lauding these modern Indian philosophers, the body said in it’s official statement,”the contribution of India’s Adarsh liberals in the development of the new form of secularism and liberalism is beyond appreciation. India has been a home of great philosophers in the ancient time but over the years, the philosophical thoughts were dominated by Greece and other European countries, but today, India is returning to reclaim it’s past glory, thanks to the emergence of this group of modern philosophers in India who are developing these new philosophical thoughts. We can well predict that India is going to be the new land of philosophers.

Meanwhile, celebrations have broken out among the ‘Adarsh Liberals’ in India. They are parting hard on receiving the unexpected recognition from the international body. After all-night party, some of them are in drunken mood right now so conversations could not be established with them. However, we did manage to speak to a few Adarsh Liberals:

1. Philosopher Big Vijay Singh from the School of Congress, a forum of secular and liberal philosophers: I always appear to be drunk, so this wine will not affect what I am going to say. I am frequently at the receiving end for posting nonsense on twitter which I can’t help myself because I have to live with the reputation of the self-certified secular and champion of minority cause and this adds pressure on me. But, it is good to see that our philosophical creation of secularism and liberalism has been chosen as the biggest philosophical invention of 21st century. Congratulation to all the Adarsh Liberals and fellows at the School of Congress.

2.Leading Philosophical newsdaily, the Indian Foxpress: We can’t describe our happiness on getting recognized for our philosophical contribution. All the time, we are mocked for our obsession with the Sickular and Adarsh Liberal ideology. This week, we got ass-kicked by the Supreme Court too, which refused to stay the scheduled execution of Yakub Memon despite our endless week long campaign and attempt to generate a wave of sympathy for him. Our journal has long been the leader in promoting the idea of secularism and liberalism. On the day of Yakub Hanging, we carried the front page headline,”And they Hanged Yakub”, back in 1971 we wrote, “And they took away Bangladesh from Pakistan’, so you do see consistency in our ideology. We have some of the most self certified seculars and Adarsh Liberals as regular contributors in our newspaper columns on secular and liberal thoughts.