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India invents the first ever train which runs on water

20, Jun 2015 By Avinash Badgujar

The people of Mumbai were amazed and shocked to see the new invention by Mumbai Local trains.

Today morning when people were waiting for CST train at DADAR station, in heavy rains, getting frustrated to see long queues and heavy rush, expecting to see no wonder in the busy day, thinking about the yet another new reason to tell the boss – why they are late today, were suddenly shocked to see a local train coming their way not on the tracks but running on water!

Dadar Parsi colony resident Rustambava Chhatawala said “Saala I got trained myself in a summer camp on ‘How to save yourself in heavy Mumbai rains while going to office’. I did all the tricks but failed to keep myself dry. My main weapon against rain – my own umbrella got reversed, Mumbai Rains won and my underwear got wet (due to rains). Finally I thought to surrender myself to rain,” Rustambava was telling loudly, “Then I saw water clogged everywhere on roads. I started swimming and finally reached Dadar Station. Then I saw railway tracks were also under water and decided to swim on water on Railway track to reach office, suddenly I saw the train coming to us which was running on Water!”

The railway official said, with this invention, they won’t need to install iron tracks to run local trains and thus, they can now save lots of government money (remaining portion that the department receives after regular corruption by Neta’s and Senior Babu’s). The officials also added that this Indian Invention will be called as ‘Rainway’ and not as Railway. He said that the departmental engineers should not neglect the importance of Rain in the invention of Rainways.

However BMC officials demanded that their negligence and reluctance to assigned work helped water to get clogged on tracks and thus helped in Rainway project to succeed.

Reliance One and MMRDA now planning to launch elevated Metro 3 project which will have Metro’s running on elevated canals in Mumbai. PM Narendra Modi Tweeted his vision to launch Mumbai Ahmadabad canal Rainway. Also tweeted “I wish I could have selfie in the first ever Mumbai local train running on water!”