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India fully eradicates poverty

25, Jul 2013 By sssantosh

One day Manmohan Singh called his man Montek Singh Ahluwalia and said that, now the elections are nearing and being an ‘eminent economist’ I am pressured to do something to revive the economy, as you people have been handling all these pity affairs for last few years (9) do something and remove poverty from the country and boost the economy.

Very next day, there were headlines in all leading news papers that “India has fully eradicated poverty”. Surprised Manmohan called his deputy again and said how you did that miracle in just one day, last when I was Finance Minister I thought this herculean task will take another life of mine. Montek replied it was very simple, I moved the poverty line from Rs 35 per day to Rs 15 per day, so you too must erase the phrase from your mind that “Rome was not built in a day”. Manmohan said, though very little memory is left there but you should have consulted “Gurudev Amartya Sen” before doing all these, after all we have been making most of our priority decisions under his consultation and he would have given proper reply to pass on to opposition when they raise voices.

Cheerful Montek replied, don’t worry sir after coming out of my Rs 35 lakh toilet, I went directly to Gurudev and he affirmed my proposal and has also given a remedy that next time hire a better RBI governor who can accede to your demands, but first remove coins of Rs 1 and 2 from circulation so the minimum denomination of coin left in the market is of Rs 5 only. Manmohan replied how is it related with poverty line? Montek said I too exclaimed sir, but he detailed me that in India beggars are considered the poorest most (though some are not) so if they earn Rs 15 a day, poverty itself will get eradicated. He further illustrated that most of the Indians have not been to abroad like us, so they won’t mind continuing their generosity and giving alms despite huge price rise, subsidy reduction, corruption and complete system failure.

So if a beggar is able to attract at least 3 people a day he will be out of the clutches of poverty and if the beggar is that dumb that he can’t get three people a day, we will call a meeting of all such beggars of that area and arrange a marketing lecture from Sachin Pilot. And don’t worry sir I have also consulted our senior leader Raj Babbar who is presently enjoying Rs 12 a meal in Mumbai, as we are calling for people participation in economic revival, one meal a day is enough for everybody (actually we are slowly leading the whole nation for that) then even the beggar will be saving Rs 3 a day, boosting the economy.