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India creates new nation of selfistan: Nawaz Sharif claims it an integral part of Pakistan

21, Apr 2017 By electroman

India has declared the birth of a new nation of Selfistan. A new nation for selfie addicts. After getting fed up with girls posing with duck lips and tongue out poses and boys with their paint brush hairstyles, the government has ordered deportation of all the selfie addicts of the nation to a newly formed country called Selfistan. Most of the Gen Z youth are bound to end up in this new nation. De-Addiction sessions will be arranged for these people until they come out of the selfie craze. Yogi Audityanath has formed Anti-Selfie squads to catch offenders to be deported.

One such Selfiestan citizen
One such Selfiestan citizen

PM has declared independence for the nation of Selfistan with his trademark 2 hour long speech without any papers. He also appointed Alia Bhatt as the president of Selfistan. She celebrated it by taking a selfie with the PM. Selfistan will have free wifi throughout the country. All selfie uploads will get 100 default likes. People who upload pics of their food in instagram will also be part of this new nation.

Meanwhile Pakistan and China have staked claim to this nation. Pakistan sent some members from the banned outfit Jamun-ud-Tatwa to start unrest in the nation by stone pelting. While the Chinese have renamed some parts of Selfistan in Chinese language and started issuing stapled visas for its citizens.

Also Gionee launched a new phone with DSLR front camera for a perfect selfie specifically designed for Selfistan. Patanjali launched their own Ayurvedic selfie sticks and duck lips cream. Modi also made an official visit to Selfistan as it was the last nation he is yet to set foot in. SBI Conducted PO recruitment exams for their new branch in Selfistan.

Sample Question

FACT 1: Alia Bhatt is Dumb

FACT 2: Some Girls are Dumb

FACT 3: Most Girls take selfies

If the first three statements are facts, which of the following statements must also be a fact?

I. All Dumb Girls are not Alia Bhatt

II. Dumb Girls who take Selfies don’t look like Alia Bhatt

III. But they think they do