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India builds artificial floating island using ATM slips

11, Feb 2017 By electroman

India has created a new world wonder. When people have thought there are no more wonders to be made in this world, Indians have proved them wrong by creating a wonderful floating island. This island is made entirely out of ATM slips. So Technically there is no big budget involved. It is made from the discarded ATM slips inside the ATM dustbins by disgruntled users who returned empty handed.

Raw material for the island
Raw material for the island

During demonetization, banks were very keen in filling the ATMs with paper rolls, which was abundantly available, so every customer can get the “Unable to dispense cash” slip. Everyone who checked these ATMs threw away the slips in nearby dustbins or the security guard’s face. Then the withdrawal limit was increased and people started making multiple 1900 withdrawals. All of these led to a huge amount of useless ATM slips. A main contributor is the ICICI ATM which asks “Do you want to save trees Yes/No” and prints a slip nonetheless.

As a part of the Swachh Bharat mission, these slips were collected and made into a floating island challenging the Palm Jumeirah island of Dubai. There were more contributions from the nervous uncles who double check the balance by printing a mini statement after every transaction and even older uncles who still travel by taking IRCTC ticket printouts(Including Instruction pages). People also provided more for this project from the receipts of POS machines (2 copies). Forms filled in the banks during the currency exchange along with the copies of ID proofs were also used for this project.

On seeing the success of this project, the government is trying to build its own Mt. Everest using supermarket bills (Screw you Nepal).