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India becomes 51st state of USA

12, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

Finding no solution in the near future to the Indo-Pak peace efforts, rupee slide against the dollar,  separate statehood demands etc. and tired of blaming each other, 65 BJP MPs and 65 Congress MPS, in a rare act of solidarity wrote to Barack Obama, to make India the 51st, State of America.

Quickly seizing the opportunity, Obama acceded to their demand and declared that from midnight of 15th,August,2013 India will become the 51st, State.

Hailing it as a win –win situation, said that he will no longer be criticized for Immigration and Outsourcing issues. The closure of US embassy and consul offices in India will save billions of dollars of Tax payers money. With India under its belt, the US will have nothing to worry about the growth and clout of China.

The BJP said that the contentious  issue of visa to Modi gets solved.

Congress spokersperson Dig Vijay Singh was elated with this development adding that Kashmir will no longer be a issue because he and Mani Shanker Iyer had a dialogue with their Pakistani counter parts who have assured them that Pakistan also will apply for Statehood in US.

Chidambaram and Raghuram Rajan heaved a sigh of relief since all their worries about the rupees slide will vanish soon. Suresh Kalmadi was happy that there will be no  ‘Commonwealth Games’ !!

Software engineers throughout the country were the most vocal in celebrating this news because they need not lose sleep over late night calls, H1B and green cards.

Quickly reacting to this development, Jayalalitha and Mayawati staked their claim for the Governorship of the new 51st, Indian State of America!!

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