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In wake of Kiss of Love protests, Kerala assembly passes legislation making Purdah compuslory

07, Nov 2014 By godsownsatire

In response to the recent Kiss of Love protests in Kerala, in an emergency session of the Kerala Assembly, the Kerala government passed a law necessitating all women to observe purdah, and make sure that they are veiled completely.

The landmark legislation was passed unanimously, something seen for the first time in the Kerala assembly, known to be a real life Clash of Clans venue. Mr. KC Joseph, the state’s minister for culture, said that the decision was based on the rationale that there should be not a single inch of uncovered flesh on a woman’s body to be kissed. He termed the legislation to be revolutionary, and that it marked a landmark in fascist politics, reiterating the fact that all politicians are thieves of the same feather. The state Home Minister, Mr. Ramesh Chattithala, while speaking to reporters in Kochi today, said that his forces have been given orders to ensure that the order is implemented ‘with an iron hand’.

The move has been welcomed by the Muslim League, with senior leader Mr. Kunhalikutty saying “The UDF Government in Kerala is determined to fight off any deterioration of our culture. It is my message to the dear youth to not kiss in public, or in parking grounds of restaurants, when they can always do the same in the confines of their favorite Ice Cream parlor.”

In yet another turn of events, the Yuva Morcha spokesperson said that although the party was happy that the government is taking steps to ward off this evil, it is angered by the adoption of a Muslim custom, the purdah. The party opinion, she said, is that we revert to age old traditions, and do away with the concept of upper body covering, ‘melmundu’ for women. Western influences in dressing, she claims, is the reason for youth being misled into wrong thoughts.

The incidents in Kochi, which have evoked fierce reactions from all political quarters, however found some support from legislators VT Baluram and P Ragesh, both of whom were, immediately subjected to disciplinary action by their respective parties, yet again demonstrating that in times of necessity, the UDF and LDF can work similarly for greater good.

The coming days in Kochi will definitely be detrimental, with rumors that the government plans to invoke Emergency Provisions to deal with this issue, according to a source in the CM’s office.