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IMG to probe into nonpayment of bribe in coal block allotment

16, Sep 2012 By kalamkasipahi

Alarmed by growing laxity among coal block allottees, Government has appointed Inter-Ministerial-Group(IMG) to look into the issues of nonpayment of promised bribe to ministers by allottees. The IMG will look into the issues of nonpayment of bribe and will give its report in 2 weeks. In its first meeting IMG has issued notice to companies who are yet to pay the bribe. It has also issued show cause notice stating why should not be penalty and interest charged on due amount of bribe? In the wake of growing allegations of policy paralysis, government wants to show to the world that it means business and hard nose business. It has been reported that many coal blocks allotted as early as 2005 are yet to pay the requisite bribe. The situation is so grim that bribe remains due even after their offloading of equity for windfall gains. Opposition member have hammered the government for its inaction. In fact, many members in oppositions also are still waiting for their due from the companies.

One of secretaries of ruling party has alleged that this is conspiracy of Right Wing Extremist. Prominent crusader Anna Hazare has blamed government for inculcating the culture of corruption even amongst private sector companies. One of prominent English News channel has pitched the decibel level over this paralysis so much that Ministry of Telecommunications has blocked decibel levels of more than 100 for next 10 days. There seems to be exodus of many government executives in the field to get their due.

Many prominent citizens are worried about the dwindling levels of morality in the country. For example, a big hearted minister ensured that his tea vendor gets a coal block for miniscule bribe, however the minister stands cheated and he is yet to get the half of his due. CBI has already registered the case for this and investigations are on. This is not an isolated case, many milk vendors, Paan vendors who got their share of coal are yet to pay the required bribe. Government is mulling over forming an empowered group to bring the policy document for eligibility criterion so that timely payment of bribe can be ensured.

“This is a dangerous trend and I haven’t seen this in my entire career of 30 years” cried a senior member of bureaucracy.

Opposition has already started sharpening this as an election weapon on this issue for the alleged failure of the system.