Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Ikea Founder's Funeral pushed as Family has trouble assembling coffin

04, Feb 2018 By Chris Giovine

Sweden: The Funeral for Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the Swedish Funiture store IKEA has been postponed. His family is currently having trouble assembling his coffin. Always, a company man Kamprad wanted to be buried in one of his companies prototype products. A person close to the family has said this is causing a rift between the deceased’s offspring. As his two sons are having trouble assembling the casket.

The family has tried the directions but have found screaming at each other to be more effective and therapeutic. Kamprad’s wife has said if they can’t get the casket done by tomorrow. The plan is then to duct taping the thing together. Throwing the remaining piecing in the casket and burying it as is. Ikea is widely known for selling Rubick’s cubes disguised as furniture. IKEA is still planning on releasing the casket next year. Along, with the IKEA urn and IKEA Tombstone. Ingvar Kamprad was 91.