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IITs finally overhaul their course structure to reflect current industry requirements

08, Mar 2014 By Chalkemort Chakraborty

The Institutes of Infinite Tension, or IITs, the premier educational institutes in the country, have decided to significantly alter their academic system.

From the next academic year, all the traditional engineering courses will be dropped. Instead, the IITs have planned on including 3 new ‘Engineering’ courses, namely: Coding (and Engineering), Banking (and Engineering) and Financial Consultancy (and Engineering).

Changing with time

This drastic change has been the result of a review of the recent placement trends.

One of the placement coordinators from IIT-Bombay said, “There is really no reason to have subjects like Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in this institute. During the placement season, most students makes a beeline for the coding related and non-technical, finance related jobs. Why waste institute resources and tax money to teach subjects which will never be used?”

Initially, the plan was to drop all core engineering streams and just have a huge student intake for Computer Science and Engineering. However, later, it was realized that even this was a waste of institute resources. So, students will only be taught how to code in JAVA and C++.

In addition, all students will have a compulsory course on CAT preparation in their 7th and 8th semester. For M.tech students, all specializations have been removed from the curriculum. Instead, the institutes, in a revolutionary move, have decided to keep only subjects related to different aspects of  IES and IAS preparations.

The move has been a source of joy for many students. Many engineering students at the institutes feel that, because of this move, they won’t have to spend too much time studying Engineering, which they never liked in the first place.

Shailendra Agarwal, 3rd year student of IIT-Delhi had this to say: “As an IITian, I have always felt that our ability to crack entrance exams is our greatest strength. So, it’s only logical to groom this talent further. The new course structure allows us to do just that and prepares us for a life of non-technical work, which is every IITians aspiration after the horrors of studying four years of Engineering.”

Some are just happy at getting so much free time, which, they want to spend roaming around the nearby cities wearing IIT t-shirts to impress unknown people.

At this point, it is hard to speculate on the success of the move. However, the placement cell is convinced that this restructuring will not affect the placement process in any way. Time will tell.