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IITians migrate in large number to Muzaffarnagar’s riot relief camps for “chat mangani,pay byaah”

09, Dec 2013 By xxxxx

Mass migration of IITians to riot camps started as soon as the news of mass weddings at Muzaffarnagar’s riot relief camps came out -have seen about 700 weddings in less than three months. Sources say nearly 2000 IITians have already relocated to various riot camps,and major entrants are from Kanpur, Delhi and Kharagpur.

Experts say,there are two grim and more mundane reasons for this mass movement. First it is a known fact among all Indians that though IIT represent top-notch institutes in India, they lack female population. Second, Panjab University overtook the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to become the highest-ranked educational institution of the country in the first-ever ranking of universities in BRICS and emerging economies. The latter has traumatized iitians more then ever, and hence they decided to migrate to atleast get their former wish come true.

Rahul Sharma, IIT-B, sophomore, told us, “pehle main boht udas tha,koi ladki na thee,iit ki world class ranking dekhke toh mere sare sapne chur chur ho gye the,fer maine sunna ‘chat sagai pat byaah’ riot camps main,aur jab main yahan aya hun mere sapne sakar hote dikh rahe hai,3 rishte bi aa chuke hain”.