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IITian goes into depression after watching The Dark Knight Rises

26, Jul 2012 By Dr Sleuth

Although the eagerly awaited new batman movie by Christopher Nolan has been appreciated by movie-goers all over the world, it has proved too much for K Nishakant a final year electrical engineering student from IIT Bombay.

Raju ‘Nolan’ Kapoor, Nishakant’s roommate says, “We all had been waiting for TDKR for a long time. We even bunked classes to get tickets from Chandan talkies, whose uneven movie screen gives a 3D-like appearance to the movie. After a lot of fighting and bidding we managed to buy front row tickets. This motivated us to watch the trailer 234 more times. Everything was okay on Friday. Nishakant woke up at 4:20 AM so that he could do his last minute revision of Dark Knight and Batman Begins before the 8 AM show.”

“As soon as the movie started Nishakant started taking copious notes using his batman themed 4-color utility pen, a special gift from Kinjal ‘Catwoman’ Patel, his IITian girlfriend that he shares with Krish ‘Bane’ Verma. After watching the entire movie, the ending of the movie caught Nishakant unawares.”

Says Raju, “After watching Inception for the first time, the ending had inspired Nishakant to publish fourteen research papers (an IITB record) on the meaning and theories of Inception and Nolan’s other movies. Nishakant believed that the ending of TDKR would also be ‘open-ended’. However, the straight-forward ending, caused Nishakant to lose his marbles and go into shock.”

Fellow cinema-goers say that the bespectacled boy was staring at the screen and mumbling about some ‘unexpected clue’ that Nolan must have put after the end of the movie to give it an ‘open-ended’ finish. After hours of efforts by his friends to get him off the seat, an ambulance was called in and he was admitted into the ICU of Nanavati hospital. Doctors diagnosed Nishakant with acute depression and permanent brain damage.

Dr Ramesh says, “At present his condition is very critical, any mention of Nolan or batman can lead to a brain condition similar to that in Memento, his fourth favorite movie. While in surgery, he was reliving the entire movie in his dreams, a trick that he learnt after inception, and constantly shouting out random theories to make the movie ‘open-ended’.”

When the director of IIT Bombay was contacted this is what he had to say: “Nishakant is a very bright student, his work on Inception makes him truly worthy of the newly constituted Sir Christopher Nolan award for excellence within excellence within excellence.”

Raju further adds: “I think this is a very troubling time for all of us, but as the great Joker says, “Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stranger.” This movie is an ending that he deserves but doesn’t need, and in this complex process of needing and deserving poor Nishakant went into a ‘limbo’ I think.”

Just as our reporter was leaving the scene to save the little sanity he had left; “I got the TRUE meaning of Nolan’s movie, Batman is 50% dead AND 50% alive”, shouted out Venkat ‘Schrodinger’ Ramanathan.