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IIT student de-registers professor for lack of attendance

19, Feb 2014 By kappa

In an interesting turn of events, a Civil Engineering student of IIT Kharagpur de-registered a professor for lack of attendance a week before the mid-semester examinations, sources said.

Protesting Students.
IIT Students.

The student identified as Dheeraj Sharma, a fifth year undergraduate, had logged into the institute-managed ERP website and de-registered his professor from the ‘High structures’ course on Friday morning this week after a no-show during a 7:30 AM lecture, the fifth to have stood cancelled in succession.

“To have attended five classes already in my super-final year while the professor continues to remain absent goes against the very nature of students and professors alike. That really was the last straw!” he exclaimed.

The move, described as retributive by the student body and unprecedented in the history of IIT Kharagpur, left the institute authorities baffled even as the students erupted into celebration.

The evening saw students pouring into the Gymkhana, holding placards and singing praise for whom they dub as “De-reg Dheeraj”. “The atmosphere is absolutely fantastic! I even spotted a couple of maggus recording our song!” a third year student recalled, while his friend was quick to interject, “Although they might have been running a fourier analysis algorithm.”

In his quest to re-register himself back into the course, the concerned professor had purpotedly been deferred to the student’s judgement, after approaching the Dean of Faculty Affairs (DOFA) for help. The Dean is alleged to have said, “Attendance is important! I didn’t say whose” in response to the professor’s pleas. The Vice President, Student’s Gymkhana, lovingly nicknamed Rahul Baba was quick to take credit, “This is an important achievement in the enterprise of student empowerment. My proposal to open up the system by making ERP more transparent led to this milestone.”

The incident looks poised to significantly boost the status of IIT Kharagpur as one of the most bizarre institutes of the country, weeks after another incident where a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering de-registered himself from his course for missing a class earlier this semester.