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IIT signs MoU with IT giant TCS to improve girls quantity

30, Jul 2014 By Deepak Singh

Memorandum of  MisUnderstanding


Indian Institute of Technology

(An Institute of personal Importance too)


Tata Consultancy Service

(Consulting Life Partner)


This Memorandum of misUnderstanding (MOU) was signed between Indian Institute of Technology and the TATA Consultancy to reduce frustration among IITians due to negative poor SEX ratio.

Mr. X who secured AIR (Y) in JEE Advance after solving n number of equation in x and y and hell lot of problem of chemistry, came to IIT Roorkee with just a lot of expectation of setting his real life chemistry with a cute and beautiful girl friend but he fails due to poorest sex ratio in Institute and near by area.

Mr. X said “Aache Din” ni aaye inspite of getting “Aache AIR” and the government is only concerned to in increase sex ratio in country, and what about people studying in country side.

As a result of poor sex ratio which increased frustration among Pupil and hence the cigarette consumption has shown incredible growth in institute and the shopkeeper “Munna” turned his stationary shop into high profile SUTTA shop cum Xerox shop.


This MoU will increase sex ratio in this area, as TCS has a lot of Fe cum male working Professional and IIT lack in same , Now the area will have rare combination “Beauty with Brain” Beauty (from TCS) and Brain (IITians) and hence all problems are solved.

IITians are happy to get working life partner , TCS is happy as work is being done indirectly by IITians (they are providing helping hand to girl friends) in mere 3.2 CTC


It was done as a trail and looking the success the government is ready to implement this idea in all new IITs.


This MOU is at-will and may be modified by mutual consent and the partners may become life partner in future. It may be valid for saat Janm.