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IIT Mumbai does a massive "Flipkart"

04, Nov 2014 By abrar13

Mumbai: Just a few weeks later, after Flipkart’s viral sale stunt called the “Big Billion Day”, IIT Mumbai got inspired to do their Cultural Festival a big favor by creating a media hype.

IIT, Mumbai announced on their official facebook page that the renowned hollywood director Christopher Nolan will be doing a dance number in their cultural festival.

When our correspondent looked into the matter, IIT, Mumbai’s cultural representative took a drastic turn with his words. He said, ” We had not yet got any confirmation from Mr.Nolan yet. I mean how do we even do it, the guy doesn’t even have an Email ID nor does he carry a cell phone with him.” While the student of IIT are having a positive approach towards the event by calling the judges from Aaja Nachle by giving them and their families free passes and food as well.

When asked why did they put it online before even confirming it with Mr. Nolan, the cultural head said, ” Flipkart did the same thing and got away. Sure they may have faced some repercussions, but they got famous as heck didn’t they. Not to mention the fact that they are IIT alumni.”

“Mr.Nolan is everywhere these days, sure he must be keen on making a hollywood musical about a bollywood musical.We’re just providing him some good experience.Going by his never changing suit and tie attire, we were hoping that he might do his version of ‘lazy dance’. Also we will be giving the participants dancing certificates from IIT which is recognized by top universities around the world,” he added.

“I have messaged Mr. Nolan’s assistant on facebook and i know that he had “seen” it. Lets hope he does not ignore my messages like all my crushes on facebook and show up to the festival cause its gonna be totally awesome,” the student head of the cultural fest added putting up a peace sign.