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IIPM to open a campus on Mars

02, Mar 2013 By bhaskarm09

New Delhi. Arindam Chaudhuri, the alleged motivational guru and Dean of IIPM announced expansion plans with next branches of IIPM to be opened across the galaxy, and not just on planet earth.

He told reporters that it is in line with the IIPM underlying philosophy of “Dare to think Beyond ” and this time we will go beyond planet earth. He told press in a statement:

“In line with our principle of daring and going beyond, I announce the setting up of IIPM university in Mars. Can any UGC recognized university even think about this? Did anyone in IIM, Stanford even got this Idea in their dream?”

When told that it may not be possible for human beings to survive in Mars, he said, “Traces of life has been found in Mars by an ordinary institution like NASA. My research tells me it is very much feasible. In fact, we have found life in Mars. We have also found aliens and other forms of life which are very intelligent. Moreover it will be great for students to set up Businesses for Aliens and other forms of life. I don’t have to be dependent on a Rupee or Dollar anymore!”

On being further probed by reporters about Aliens who may not be compatible with human beings, he shouted and said, “Dont dare! You can call Aliens Ugly but don’t hurt my Business!”

The opening ceremony of the new branch will be a grand event and celebrity like Jaadoo will be part of it. Earlier IIPM had invited actor Shahrukh Khan for a quiz event.