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IIN student tops UPSC exam, HRD minister orders no more new IITs, create only more IINs

30, Mar 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: Student Darshan Kumar who was studying economics and biology at IIN, has topped this year’s UPSC exam. This news has spread shock waves across IITs & IIMs.

A dream career for the parents of a 12th standard student is to first get in to a coaching center at Kota in Rajasthan, then get into IITs, then to IIMs or civil services. For a student like Darshan Kumar all it took was to purchase a second hand Micromax mobile from OLX and top the UPSC exam.

IIN to replace IITs and IIMs
IIN to replace IITs and IIMs

India’s HRD minister wanted to create as many new IITs possible. She wanted her officials to work round the clock so that by the year 2019, the number of IITs in India to match the number of post offices we have. However, the department was not successful as the IITs created 10 years back still do not have infrastructure to conduct lab experiment. Most of the time the new IIT’s students are busy in booking tatkal railway tickets to go to an old IIT for their academics.

Ms Smriti Irani spoke to our chief correspondent on Darshan Kumar’s success and her ministry’s plans for the near future. She said, “my intention was to create many more new IITs so that our students do not have to migrate from small town to big cities. She was categorical to say if Kota, Rajasthan had one IIT, the students who are well acquainted with the place as many of them are trying for five to six years to crack the exam, do not have to travel to a big city once he or she is selected for IIT”.

She continued, “initially I thought it is easy to create an IIT, what it needs just a signature from me. I was shocked when my bureaucrats asked from where the new IITs will get faculty to teach. I heard most of the IITians have gone to US, few who were left in India are writing books like Chetan Bhagat or have entered in to politics like Arvind Kejriwal. I tried to upgrade the lab technicians to assistant professor role, peon to lab technician role because they had the experience. It seems that did not work. When I was losing hope and time, saw this advertisement of IIN”.

Ms Irani was pushing for more IIN kind of institutions, but her bureaucrats out of which many are IIT alumni were not agreeing with her suggestion. They were worried if their kids study in such institutions, how they will crack UPSC exam and become bureaucrats like them. Now after Darshan Kumar’s success, bureaucrats have started feeling IIN is the new age IIT.

Ms Irani has directed her department officials to work with telecom department officials to ensure the spectrum allocation is linked to the agreement that all the leading telecom service providers have to create infrastructure like IIN within a year, otherwise their license will be cancelled.

As per our sources IIN is encouraging its bright students looking at the amount of data they download on daily basis to crack CAT exam and become topper. IIN wants to better IITs in every aspect and do not want people to feel their students are only good for civil services, they want to show to the world, they can be good investment banker too.