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IIN student claims to have cracked the birthday maths problem which is driving everyone crazy

18, Apr 2015 By pmaverick

In a major breakthrough for India, a Student of the prestigious IIN has claimed to have cracked the Birthdate of Cheryl. It all started when in Singapore, 14-year-old students were given a math’s problem as part of a test in an Olympiad. The question is driving the world nuts, because nobody can figure out when Cheryl’s birthday is?

The student showing his solution

Leading coaching classes in India had started a “Crack Cheryl’s Birthday” campaign giving cash prizes of almost Rs 1,00,000 to the meritous students. Speaking to a Mr.Das of the Delhi’s famous CATT Training institute he said “This problem is a now a global issue. It’s a good platform for the Indian student fraternity to showcase their talent. Though we have not been able to crack it till now, we are sure we would be successful, together We Can and We Will”

Leading mathematician’s believe that the answer would be only available with “Jarvis” Mr. Iron Man’s personal robot. Whereas panelists on various news channels are debating on why Cheryl does not reveal her birthdate. All changed when Gullu S a student of IIN who has downloaded around 70% of his course has claimed to have cracked the global birthday math’s problem that has baffled everyone.

According to him Cheryl is a student of IIN who is on a international university exchange trip to Singapore, He says and I Quote “Cheryl is my best friend after Hari and Laku…She doesn’t know her birthdate as she was lost in a Mela when she was small. Until recently she got a lead that her parents may be in Singapore. Being a student of IIN she downloaded the latest Hollywood Style Jugaad Lesson which gave her a idea to create this problem and subsequently a invitation to the Singapore Olympiad”

Gullu S has been receiving accolades world over after this revelation which has lead IIN to use him as the face for all the new campaigns. The Global Internet Education Society of World which is the certifying authority of IIN has sincerely thanked Gullu S for making the country proud. But the question arises whether Mr.Das would still offer cash prizes to Gullu or not…the nation wants to know?