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IIN announces scholarships for CBSE toppers. Free smartphones with unlimited data pack

30, May 2015 By anuj

IDEA’s education division IIN  has announced  graduation scholarships to all CBSE toppers of 12th board exams. This Scholarship includes a smartphone and an IDEA 3G connection with unlimited data pack.

According to IIN, this step has been taken to increase the awareness among the toppers who can make use  IIN to score 99% in coming college semester exams.

We contacted some of the toppers and asked them about how they are feeling about this free IIN scholarships and there immediate question was “WHAT IS IIN?”

A topper showing his scholarship

Our reporters were in a complete shock after hearing this question. However the students later confirmed that they haven’t been in front of TV  from past 2 years which explained the reason of their ignorance. Further, the toppers accepted that even if they don’t know much about IIN, they have seen the headquarters of IIN.

We went to IIN’s corporate office in Mumbai and met IIN’s spokesperson. We asked him about why scholarship program is only for toppers and not for weaker/average students.

He explained, “We have researched and found that in last 10 years, the performance of 12th toppers had declined once they start college. Reasons for this are exposure to masturbation, fantasizing to become rockstar, maintaining finances of girlfriend, writing unnecessary long answers in semester exams etc. On the other hand, the average CBSE student tends to perform better in college due to good assignment marks.”

He further clarified, “We have launched this program  to help 12th toppers so that they can study at home ( or at girlfriend’s home ) even after bunking classes. This will help them to maintain there grades. Additionally , we will also cast them in upcoming IIN ads which is the part of contract  scholarship.”