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IIMs add last minute changes to CAT 2014 format, implement changes suggested by KJo committee

01, Oct 2014 By Srivy Anand

Indore. IIM Indore had announced a new format of Common Admission Test (CAT) which was to be put under application from this year’s CAT 2014 but as the ending date of the registration window for CAT 2014 drew closer, IIMs decided to tweak this year’s test format at the last-minute to attract more entries.


In a press release the IIM Indore public relations body revealed it to the world that it was a marketing strategy suggested by the Karan Johar Committee which was formed at the last minute to attract the varied masses for this year’s exam.

It was further stated that IIM-I faculty and CAT 2014 convener, Professor Rohit Kapoor yearned for changes since he had met KJo (Karan Johar) after being inspired by the experience of watching SOTY (Student of the year). Both stalwarts had later discussed the changes that had to be done, citing the quality of the MBA aspirants aiming to get into the prestigious IIMs, which had gone down drastically over the years due to the monotonous skill sets of a regular applicant. Professor Rohit Kapoor later promptly requested Karan Johar to take charge of the committee which was formed to look into the prospect of changes in the CAT format.

He was quoted expressing the motivation behind the change of format being an idea to bring out varied skills of an applicant as opposed to those of the profiles which they were coming across every year and meanwhile also retaining the essence of the older version of CAT. Reportedly, IIMs could not see through the typecast profiles belonging more or less to any one or more of the following categories:

(1) An Average Engineer who had slogged through a girl/boy-friend-less engineering life to further snuff out his/her chances to get lucky by getting into a random Aamdani Athanni Kaam Rupaiya bluechip company.

(2) An Average Reservation driven youngster who had the passion to lead the country to glory stemming from the rhetoric “Bas 60 percentile laa dena hai dono section mai, IIM pakka”

(3) An Average Vella of India who cracked gold after being coaxed by his/her mom by the epic taunt ”Beta, kya ghar pe baithay rehte ho, kuch classes kyu nahi kar lete”

(4) An Average Khayali Entrepreneur of India who wished to build a startup(read as: Hawa mai Mahal) but ends up as an MBA-wala whose job is to use financial jargon on PowerPoint slides to fool clients of his employer.

A committee led by K Jo, was formed to update the format by studying all the possibilities. It is being said that CAT 2014 will be more exciting with a new section to add up to the challenges and IIMs have now officially announced the following format based on the SOTY benchmarks of evaluation for CAT 2014:

(1) Prom Dancing

(2) Treasure Hunt

(3) Ratta Maar Test

1st Section (Inspired from The Prom Dancing Round):

The test taker will have 5 minutes to pick a co-CAT companion of the opposite gender and sit down with them to attempt the other sections together as soon as possible. With this The IIMs are basically trying to help the Nerdish standards of the IIM campuses which are laden with people who mug their way in and out of IIMs without paying heed to their basic inter-sex mingling capabilities and depriving the world of an intellectually superior species by heterosexual inter-IIM mating. Its being seen as a chance for CAT couples to work, fight and explore together.

2nd Section (Inspired from The Treasure Hunt Round):

In this section IIM has chosen to retain the Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning Section as the second section which is touted to be more lethal with a Do-log-bhi-kuch-nahi-ukhaad-payenge style 85 minutes/ 50 questions format. The Verbal/Logical section goes more or less like a Treasure Hunt which will leave the test-taker duo a challenge to find the treasure (read as: Sense/ logic of the Question) in the myriad of complex Logical Reasoning problems and heavily worded Verbal questions together.

3rd Section (Inspired from The Ratta Maar Round):

In this section there will be a total of 50 Quant and Data Interpretation questions hurled at the test takers who have to solve them within 85 minutes. Here, the IIMs are trying to test the World famous Indian Generic Ratta (Rote) Capacity (GRC) for which a handful of formulae will be brain-fed beforehand in a tutorial at the start of the examination. The non-engineer test-takers will breathe easier as the mantra “Jai Mata Di – Option A/B/C/D” have yielded good results, as noted by a recent study by Prometric.

The leading CAT coaching institute T.I.M.E. has already announced its crash courses which will include special sessions on HOW TO PICK A GIRL/BOY WITHIN 60 SECONDS which will surely give the test takers a good head start into the examination. Career DeLauncher Chairman R Asatya Narayanan, was quoted stating that Change was inevitable and a 64-year-old CAT trainer with 24 years of experience in touting aspirants who wishes to remain unnamed adds that, “With the new format, especially the first section, even I am eagerly looking forward to give CAT this year.”