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IIM to consider LKG score for selection process

02, Mar 2013 By gaurav91

IIM council, in agreement with directors and chairperson of all IIMs, has announced that from year 2014 onwards IIMs will also consider Lower Kindergarten scores to judge a candidate along with his CAT, SSC, HSC and Graduation scores.

IIM-B director has said that move was taken to judge ethics of students. Since many students mention things like “I have always believed in excellence which can be seen from my past academics” in their interview; he said LKG scorecards will help us to know whether candidate has “always” excelled in academics.

He narrated a recent case in interview where student had mentioned “I have topped every exam in life” but failed to recollect his LKG marks when he was asked for. The candidate will obviously be eliminated (even though he had 100 percentile in CAT) but to avoid such further instances we want next year aspirants to be ready with LKG scorecards before selection process starts, the director said explaining the move.

This move has worried many next year aspirants, who are not able to find their LKG scorecards. Some are considering doing the 1 year course again since there is no other alternative. Another aspirant Kalpesh Tyagi, third year IIT student, asked faking news reporter if there was any part-time LKG course available. Our reporter obviously had no answer to that.

According to sources, private tuition classes have increased the LKG course prices from 5oo rupees to 5ooo. “Enrollment of kids have increased tremendously inspite the fee hike. I have never had so many kids for LKG course”, said Kishan Kukreja, who owns a small tuition class in Colaba. We managed to interview a man, who just brought his kid for admission, there. When asked why he is pressurizing his kid so early with tuitions, he said “With IIMs asking for LKG scorecards the course will get hyped. LKG scorecards might even be asked in recruitment process few years later.”

What weightage IIMs will give to LKG scores, how will they scale and normalize LKG grades of different schools and how will this move turn out is yet to be seen. But one man is surely not impressed by this move.

“This move from IIM is just to get back in limelight which it is losing to IIPM since past few weeks. IIMs are becoming a big joke now and its time that students start to think beyond IIMs.” Arindam Chaudhuri, director of IIPM, told Faking News reporter.