Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Ideal idea from indigenous influence

15, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Every now and then a significant statement comes to the surface and it appears too vague—so nebulous. It is quite a novel idea about setting up human urine bank in order to enhance urea production so as to meet the surging demand. The fertilisers are the main source of increasing yields in our fields. Therefore, if the humans’ urine can be of immense help to the farmers owing to its nitrogen contents, there was nothing wrong with that statement. We already possess organic substitutes of phosphorous and potassium. With the human urine availability, the need for nitrogen can also be acquired. Though this very idea veers round at early stage, the Swadeshi scientists are working to make it a reality in days to come. Earnestness in this regard is worthy of praise by one and all.

What is then required essentially a ten-litre can for depositing the urine? The habit of standing or sitting in every public spot will minimise without the use of canes. There will also be felt no need of urinals on the roadside corners or other public places. There will be a reduction in insanitation without the whip of cleanliness. None will violate the decency of public life by urinating anywhere, everywhere. The people will simply fill the can and submit it to the farmers who could take the nitrogenous liquid to the various urine banks based in every Taluka or Tehsil by then. Preliminary tests for this novel project are on track in Dhapewada village near Nagpur. If it works, there will be a yellow revolution. This idea possessed root of convincing everyone with its excellent calculation. The question arises: What is it that has suddenly induced public figure to take this theme seriously? It looks as if our indigenous science paves way for the natural advanced fertiliser.