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Ice Bucket Challenge was first started in Mumbai

19, Aug 2014 By Swan

As Maharashtra celebrates the Janmashtami by breaking the ‘Matki’, the association for the organizers of the events are planning to file application for Patent and gain copyright for the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

The association chief Mr. Sohan Burbure explained to our correspondent that he saw Mr. Gates video of dousing himself with Bucket of ice cold water and the whole of Social media was gung ho about it. He immediately recollected that this show of water dousing is done every year in the entire of Maharashtra from a long time.

Mr Burbure said,” Mumbai has a tradition of Ice Bucket Challenge from the BC era. Every year thousands of Mumbaites gather on the street and take the ICe Bucket Challenge. We take great pride in the same since even if there is a water shortage we religiously come on streets and take the Ice Bucket challenge and support the ALS cause. The Politicians and more rightly leaders are so generous that they keep an award ranging from fifty thousand to 50 lakh rupees to promote ALS awareness “.

On being probed that the ALS awareness has been in limelight only recently Mr Burbure like a typical pious Indian explained,” ALS to the world is known only recently, but our Gods knew about this from ancient times and hence the Ice Bucket Challenge was made a part of our traditions and festivals, Hare Rama Hare Krishna-Long live the almighty.”

Few of religious political parties have supported the organization for its decision to take copyrights as they try to bank upon the religious sentiments of the citizens before the upcoming Assembly elections. The organization has hired many famous historians to link the Janmashtami to some event in history which will prove their claim as Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness was first started in Mumbai.

As many big tycoons and philanthrophists take the challenge all across the globe are oblivious to this event as India gears up to take credit of yet another accomplishment as it has always did by taking credit of any achievements done by an NRI who even has a miniscule relation to India or just being relative of and NRI.