Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

"I followed my passion", said Mess Manager Madan

15, Oct 2012 By babubisleri

Mess manager Madan, Graduated from IIM-Ahmedabad in 2004 was offered a grand annual package of 144 lakhs in Bank of America which is a world record of highest annual package offered to any fresher which still stands even after 8 years (without adjusting with inflation too).

First question he asked after he got recruited in that firm was,” Will you let me watch Television in office hours ?” and the HR manager replied,”No, we can’t”.

It didn’t take him more than 2 secs to take his decision and he dropped the offer. He told us that watching television is his all time passion, how can he live without it. The he came to Guwahati and began a career in mess management. It didn’t take him much time to find a mess to manage given his credentials.

Today, he manages a whole mess of 500 students. And still, he is following his passion and watch television all the time and doesn’t care about the students and other mess workers.