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Husband ransacks supermarket after wife rejects purchase of his favorite snack

31, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad, India: In a bizarre incident that happened in the city of Hyderabad a couple named Satish and Lakshmi, allegedly created ruckus in a local supermarket driving all the customers away to a rival market on the opposite side. The main reason behind the chaos was believed to be Lakshmi’s outright rejection of her husband’s favorite snack containing heavy oils, fat & cholesterol.

“Ransacked supermarket.”

Our reporters rushed to the scene in order not to miss the action but by the time they reached, the fight was already over and couple had left the place. We spoke to a few dedicated customers of that supermarket, who were still shopping and were reportedly eye-witnesses to the drama that happened a few minutes before. Here is the excerpt of our conversation with them.

FN Reporter to customer: “Sir, would be able to tell us what exactly happened here a while ago?”

Youth at supermarket:”I came here to buy weekly groceries and was peacefully shopping when suddenly a noodles packet struck my shoulder. I turned back to see a young couple fighting over snacks. The lady was shouting at him and repeatedly putting back the item from the cart into the rack saying the item had lot of fat content. Her husband got so pissed off that he pushed the columns to the wall. Then, the lady started pelting good-day biscuit packets at him. Everyone started calling the security guy but he was engrossed in a deep conversation with the adjacent paan shop owner. By the time the supermarket security personnel came to stop them, groceries were already scattered around the place.”

FN Reporter to owner: “Sir, how do you feel about this disorder? Do you plan to punish the culprits?”

Owner: “Our CCTV cameras have captured the video of couple. We won’t be allowing them into this store anymore. More than the hurt caused by this damage, what really pains me is that they drove away my customers to the opposite market.”

Our sources have done a short survey on who should actually be visiting a super market to buy groceries – husband, wife, son or daughter. According to the survey, irrespective of who goes to get the groceries only one family member at grocery shop will result in a peaceful shopping.