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Husband puts toilet seat down, wins wife's heart

25, Nov 2013 By kachcha_khiladi

Sulabh and Alia have been married for over five years now and have a two year old son Ron. Sulabh, a byproduct of the hostel life has been a lazy bum all his life and hardly listens to Alia.

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Very important for a smooth married life.

One of many perennial topics of discussion  in their marriage has been ‘not putting the toilet seat down’ after use. Alia also used a ‘put me down‘ sticker but Sulabh never cared. Things were going out of control and their marriage was hitting a rocky patch.

Sulabh tried to woo her wife by presents and candle light dinners but nothing worked.  Sulabh then sprung a surprise one day and put the toilet seat down after use. Alia  couldn’t digest what her husband just did and as a result had constipation for nearly two days.

Recovering from the initial shock was not easy. But later, Alia had forgiven Sulabh for all his misdeeds. They are a happy family now. To commemorate the event, Alia even decided to change her son’s name to Sach. Now whenever the family’s name is taken in the same breath ‘Sulabh-Sach-Alia’, it reminds her of sulabh shauchalya which in turn reminds her of the toilet incident.