Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Huge backlash on former Gilly-Danda player for posting pics of his slave in gold-plated shackles

03, Aug 2017 By thecoon

Tubelight (name changed), a former Indian gilly-danda (game changed) player was slammed for posting a picture with his slave, on Twitter. Our reporter managed to get an interview with him to get his reactions.

FN reporter: “Hi tubelight, please tell us about your slave.”

Tubelight: “She is my first slave. I have had her little more than a year now. She is an very beautiful dutiful slave. She is extremely well behaved, you know, almost a model slave.”

FN reporter: “Wow, so hard to find one such these days. So tell us what happened.”

Tubelight: “I posted an innocent picture of myself with my slave. She can barely be seen in the picture, but, some lecherous eyes managed to spot her golden shackles. I followed the  slave-owner’s manual to the letter. I always bind her in shackles in public and in pictures. I have never had such a backlash before.”

FN reporter: “What happened now then?”

Tubelight: “I think it has to do with the golden shackles. It wasn’t even gold-plated, she just painted it in gold color. But, apparently slaves don’t deserve such luxury. I think, they are right. She might get spoilt and I wouldn’t want to beat her, lest her beauty gets spoilt.”

FN reporter: “Doesn’t she protest the shackles? It violates her basic human rights?”

Tubelight: “Human rights only apply to humans right? She knows from childhood that she is a slave and has to be shackled. What if I take off the shackles and she turns loose or what if she is captured by another slave-owner, thinking she is free.”

FN reporter: “That’s a good point. So are you gonna triple-the-lock?”

“I am not bored of her yet. It’s  not the time to get rid of her yet.”, Tubelight said, probably mishearing the question.