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HRD ministry unveils plans for ethical and spiritual development of IIT students

02, Nov 2014 By asterix

New Delhi. HRD ministry today unveiled multi-pronged approach to improve the quality of education and the mental, ethical and spiritual balance of students from the premier institutes.

Smriti Irani
“Wait and watch”

These are issued in wake of concerns that western culture is weakening the Indian culture and damaging the moral compass of students specially from these institutes.

The ministry has recommended that a compulsory weekly Dharam Shiksha lecture be added to curriculum for spiritual guidance. This would teach students about our history and would deepen their understanding of our spiritual roots. Incidentally the ruling party has excellent personnel for this course and have requested Sadhvi Rithambara and Yogi Adityanath to supervise these lectures.

As a second point ministry has recommended that courses should be taught in our national language Hindi. This would promote nationalism and respect for our country as well as unity among different communities.

To implement this initiative, government has employed the services of eminent scientist  Dinanath Batra, who has recently gained fame for his excellent book Tejomay Bharat. Looking that the popularity of book government has made it a compulsory reading in Gujrat schools and is considering the same move at the national level. Dinanath would be working on the translation of modern science text to rid it of any impure western influence and would also  generate material from Indian historical context.

Institutes have been instructed to organize a shakha session everyday in morning. This session would include singing of patriotic songs, playing cultural sport and praising Indian cultural.

Per the age old proverb that a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body, this would specially helpful for the mental development of the students.

Finally to build moral character and preserve our culture, ministry recommended numerous measures like that campus security should stop all kind of immoral activity like public display of affection, sex education should be completely banned, TV channel/internet should be screened for immoral content and strict cultural dress could should be implemented.