Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

HRD introduces “Right to molest” bill for workplaces having 51% or more female staff

28, Nov 2013 By Manish Aneja

Taking referral from some objects in “Right to Protest” bill, HRD ministry introduced “Right to molest” bill for the privilege of corporate bosses. This bill is expected to be applied at workplaces where the female staff is in clear majority (51% or more) and the highest authority is a male person in any particular department.

Hence, making it almost impossible for bosses to stop themselves being disloyal to their outside girlfriends (who actually make them disloyal to their wives). The frame work of the bill was made by Kappil Sibling, a Union minister in central govt. to protect Tarun Tejpal from being convicted in sexual harassment case.

Kappil Sibling took suo-moto cognizance to introduce this bill after he was remembered by media that Tarun Tejpal is known to be his nephew. Sibling was shocked due to the fact that, if it has happened with his baby like nephew journalist, it could happen with anyone in the country. So, in the interest of the country and encouraging corporate bosses work harder and pay taxes properly thereafter, he tried to bring sensuality at work place.

This move is an attempt to attract Corporates and Industrialists in the pan of congress to distract them from Modi, blaimed opposition. As Industries, Corporates and market is relying and bowing before Modi. Seducing Indian Industrialists through this bill is only known internally to govt. meanwhile spokes person of the ministry issued a letter to Faking News about the value of this bill in Indian Constitution.

The letter said “The Union ministry hereby dismisses the allegations that, the bill is introduced to glad the Industry bosses and to protect Tarun Tejpal. But ministry understands, that corporate guys work day and night, work for the growth of employees and they hardly visit their homes and meet their wives and children. They die every day to pay huge taxes to government, and not meeting their wives has become a frustrating factor for them and this however results in the loss of tax collection. “Right to molest” is only a supportive hand to help bosses mollify their urges, which they can’t do usually with their “post marriage- desirous wives”.

After the whole course of event, the ‘Mute Manmohan’ is still mute, depressed and annoyed from Rahul Gandhi, as he did not call this bill complete nonsense(not even partly nonsense). Tears rolled off his eyes after  he(Mute Manmohan)  feared losing his old age virginity if the bill is passed in parliament, considering Rahul Gandhi as Big Boss.

To clarify his stand again, Mute Manmohan tweeted: @Rahul Gandhi: I can only work under your leadership, you are a true leader ever born in Congress community.

@Rahul Gandhi: But, after this bill, I am afraid to accept you as my boss. You, being unmarried is a matter of intense fear and losing prestige.

Now who tell Mute Manmohan that, there is a difference between Power and Prestige!

Just after reading this post, Rahul Gandhi dared to tweet @aneja_manish: Power is a poison and Prestige is a pressure cooker :-p :-p