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How the Famous in India reacted to Chinese Double Intrusion

18, Sep 2014 By Boka Bihari

The Chinese army armed intrusion in Indian territory  has started a Hornets nest.  Some reactions were so explicit that our family Journal could not carry them out. Here are some of the mild reactions:

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi                    We are one in this juncture of intrusion. Think  Mr .Modi will need  Robert’s expertise to deal with Land near LAC

Mr. Sharad Pawar                     Chini Intrusion. NDA must find out ways to exempt duty on Export or Import to help Sugar Mill Owners.

Mr.Rahul Gandhi                      Will they bring “Shin Jan” with them ?

Mr.Sambit Patra                       This intrusion was planned during the UPA government.

Mrs. Hema Malini                    Dekhne ki baat ye hai ke How many may settle at Brndaban.

Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav     Hamae Padesh me Ganna Kishano ko Kenda ne babbad kayke ab Chinese Chinni layenge Modi

Mr. Mukhtar Naqvi                  India should be proud that the Chinese have taken lessons from PM’s INCH and MILE diplomacy and are even implementing it in Damchok

Mr. Arnab Goswami                 The Nation wants to know the sudden increase in use of Insulin in Ladakh

Dr. HarshVardhan                   We will carry out the vaccination program to eradicate “Chini Bimari”

Mr. Omar Abdullah                 Thank God , The Media will not focus on our effort relief and rehabilitation .The deluge of Chinese hogs the Camera.

Paki High Commissioner       Next time we send the terrorists , we will make make sure that they have ample supply of Sugar.

Times of India                          It’s not fair. There are no women in the PLA brigade and moreover all are buttoned up.

Mrs. Smriti Irani                      Do they have any University Degree ?

Mrs.Uma Bharti                       Has the Chinese army brought Potable toilets with them ? Vindicatedas it is clear  that the deluges happen  due to atheists .

Mr.Ashutosh                             Do the Chinese study English Grammar ?

Mr.Kejriwal                               Sab mule hue hai Ji. They eat from one plate in Ahmedabad and then plan to divert from issue of Corruption