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How celebrities are observing Karwa Chauth

11, Oct 2014 By thepelicanclub

While Karwa-Chauth has traditionally been observed by wives for safety and longevity of their husbands, Faking news has learned that many groups and personalities have moved beyond the spouse limitation and are celebrating Karwa-Chauth for safety and longevity of their respective idols.  Here is a quick run-down of such celebrations.

1. Large number of state ruling party members are rumored to be observing the fast for quick release of Amma from jail. While most of the members are planning to break the fast by seeing her poster with the moon, some ardent supporters will be fasting till the time she is released from the jail.

Karva Chauth puja
Karva Chauth puja

2. A section of BJP women wing is heard observing the fast as well. While it would be natural to expect the fasting for Narendra Modi’s good health, but shockingly they are observing the fast for none other than Rahul Gandhi! Insider BJP sources contend that more than Mr. Modi, it was Rahul Gandhi who contributed to Congress party’s downfall in the elections. So Mr. Gandhi must stay healthy to further BJP’s cause.

3. No one’s surprise, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team will be observing the fast for its chief benefactor – Mr. N Srinivasan. The team hopes with his good health and continued domination over BCCI, ICC, IPL etc. the team will continue to benefit by liberal interpretation or changing the rule in their favor, pitch and playing condition and preference for CSK players in the Indian team.

4. It will be a hard day for Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja as in addition to fasting as CSK players, they will also be fasting for safety and success of the Indian captain joined by talented Rohit Sharma. All three players are grateful towards the skipper as he is the only one who has recognized their respective talents and saved their places in the team.

5. In what could only be interpreted as expansion of India’s soft-power in the world since Mr. Modi has taken over the government, captains and bowlers of all international cricket teams have decided to observe Karwa Chauth for Miss Anushka Sharma who has been instrumental in saving them from wrath of Virat Kohli’s batting. They are happy that only Virat’s words are abusing them and not his bat.

6. It is also being rumored that Arbaaz and Sohail Khan are fasting for safety and success of their brother Salman Khan who has been starring in their movies every year under the Bhai ke Bhai Rozgaar Surakhsha Yojna.

7. Serving as true reflection of nation’s mood, the Twitteratti is observing the fast for Aam Aadmi Party’s soon to be knighted Ashutosh’s English and spellings that has provided continuous material for amusement and laughter for more than an year now.

8. In a rather unusual development, it has been confirmed that the humble Raita (whipped curd delicacy) is observing the fast for Aam Aadmi Party and especially Arvind Kejriwal. Raita recognizes the efforts of the party and its leader in spreading Raita everywhere and hopes that their Raita spreading fetes will continue.